Art of Participatory Leadership at the University of Minnesota

The Art of Participartory Leadership (also known as the Art of Hosting) community at the University of Minnesota fosters collaborative practices and dynamic learning to address emerging and complex challenges. 

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Preparing for Difficult Conversations

Session Description: 

More than ever, it is crucial for us to build and strengthen our skills to have difficult conversations. Being able to sit in the moment, be present, and listen deeply are some of what we need to practice.

Join Nasreen Mohamed, Richard Matson-Daley, Sarah Groskreutz, and Sook Jin Ong in a workshop on understanding ourselves, mindfulness, and listening deeply.

Conduct Meaningful Meetings using Hosting Practices

Thursday, March 9, 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Session Description: 

How can we prepare and facilitate meetings that are purpose-driven and meaningful? 
How do we conduct meetings that deepen relationships?
How can we apply Art of Hosting concepts to our regular meetings, and not just for large events?

Join us for a brown bag workshop on creating and conducting meaningful meetings using Art of Hosting practices. This workshop provides some framework for you to rethink the way you lead meetings, and offers some insights that are immediately applicable.

We encourage you to show up with:

  • an example of a meeting you'll be leading
  • your lunch